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PhuketSpace FAQs

A deposit payment of one month’s rent holds an apartment for you and acts as your security deposit. This is fully refundable on completion of the tenancy on satisfactory handover. It’s usually paid in cash as the tenant moves out.

All our apartments in Phuket are fully furnished and ready to move into, down to sheets on the beds and pots and pans in the kitchen.

All PhuketSpace apartments have high-speed WiFi provided by 3BB.

Phuket apartments have both air conditioning and ceiling fans in all rooms.

Our apartments in Phuket are designed to have as much air flowing through them as possible, with large balcony windows that are usually open all day. During the day, natural breezes should mean that air conditioning is not required, though many tenants choose to use air conditioning at night.

Electricity and water bills are paid direct by the tenant, with no additional fees added.

Electricity would depend entirely on how much air conditioning is used. Without air con, monthly bills would be around 300 to 400 baht, but with a single air conditioner used only at night that nay be around 1,200 to 1,500 baht per month. An average monthly water bill would be 200 baht.

The crime rate in Phuket is far lower than most parts of the world, so security is not a concern. There is a sense of community in the Phuket apartment areas, so neighbours look after each other. All Phuket apartments are double-locked, in any case.

No. Once you have moved in, all you will need to pay is your monthly rent and utility bills.

Absolutely not. We do not keep any of our customers’ personal documents.

You only need to pay the deposit initially, to hold the apartment

Definitely. Just fill out our contact form here or email us at info@phuketspace.com.

All our apartments in Phuket have plenty of facilities nearby, including supermarkets, 7-Elevens etc, restaurants and laundry facilities.

We certainly do. We have a range of options from Honda Clicks to PCX, with monthy rentals starting at 2,500 baht. Helmets are included. Read more.