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There are a number of south Phuket islands, many of which are easily accessible for PhuketSpace customers staying in our apartments in Rawai. Here we highlight south Phuket islands:

Coral Island

Koh Hae PhuketAlso known as Koh Hae, Coral Island is just off the southern coast of Phuket, and is best known for the beautifully clear water and the coral reefs that surround the island. The snorkelling here is superb.

The best way to get to the island is to charter a longtail boat for yourself at Rawai Beach, within walking distance of the PhuketSpace apartments in Rawai. They will take you out to the island in the morning then come back to collect you in the afternoon, 30 minutes each way. Alternatively, you can spend the night of the island at Coral Island Resort.

Koh Racha

Koh Racha PhuketKoh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi (also known as Koh Raya Yai and Koh Raya Noi), are twin islands off the southeastern coast of Phuket, a few miles further out from Coral Island. Known for their crystal clear blue waters, these islands were an almost exclusive paradise for divers for years, but now many more people come simply to enjoy the islands themselves.

With Racha Yai’s white sand beaches and expanding accommodation options, Racha Yai is growing in popularity.

Koh Bon

Koh Bon PhuketTechnically the closest island to the PhuketSpace apartments in Rawai, Koh Bon is a small island with a long stretch of white sandy beach. It’s a secluded spot, ideal for swimming.

The island is just ten minutes way, accessible by chartering a longtail boat from Rawai Beach. The beaches on Koh Bon are never particularly, so it’s possible to find a secluded spot on an island just minutes from Phuket.

There’s no accommodation on the island, but a small restaurant has recently opened there.

Koh Lon

Koh Lon PhuketAbout 20 minutes from the Phuket shore, Koh Lon is a mountainous island inhabited by a few fishermen and their families. Its most tranquil beach lies to the northeast of the island.

Quiet and undisturbed, the island is perfect for anyone wanting to unwind and recharge, though you can hire a canoe there and have a paddle around if you’re feeling energetic.

The easiest way to get there is to take the ferry from Chalong harbor which departs at 8.00 a.m. Alternatively, you can charter a longtail boat for yourself.


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