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PhuketSpace customers enjoy some of the best beaches in south-east Asia in Phuket, with no shortage of choices for beaches on Phuket. From the quiet long strips of sand in the north, through the hubbub of Patong to the idyllic Nai Harn Beach to the south, there’s something for everyone, to suit every taste and requirement: Phuket has long beaches and tiny coves, crowded beaches and quiet beaches, beaches ringed with hotels, shops and bars, and beaches with nothing more than a single restaurant.

Phuket’s best beaches are along the western coast of the island, where over the eons the annual rainy season waves has created beautiful bays with golden powdery sand. Along the east coasts are less idyllic beaches more suited to walking, shell collecting or relaxing in a restaurant, enjoying the view.

We have divided the beaches of Phuket into three main areas: the busy western beaches, the strips of beaches in the north-west, and the idyllic beaches in the south. Just click on the section of the map below that you’d like to know more about.

For more information about Phuket beaches including Phuket beach access, sun loungers, water sports, some of the things to be aware of Phuket beaches and some of the natural features you’re likely to see, click here.

You’re almost spoilt for choice for beaches in Phuket. Whichever Phuket Beach you choose, have fun!


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