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About us


Along with www.rentphuket.net, we offer a low-priced studio and two-bedroom apartments on Phuket, an island in Thailand. You may want to know more about us.

Accommodation at Rawai beachThe owner of most of the apartments featured on PhuketSpace.com is originally from Yorkshire, in England, and and has lived in Thailand for nearly twenty years. As most of the apartments on PhuketSpace are owned by us, tenants can just call the owner with any problems they experience or just if they need some local advice while they’re in Phuket.

You are welcome to contact us using the contact form here, or email us direct at info@phuketspace.com. If you are already in Thailand, you can give us a call on 080 532 1587, or +66 80 532 1587 if you haven’t arrived in Thailand yet.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our apartments in Phuket.

Contact Mark at PhuketSpace
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